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New blog, new series!

I really wanted to start a series on this blog where I interview women from all different ages, races, backgrounds and demographics who have done inspirational things. To start with, I asked Ruth from RuthinRevolt questions about her popular ‘feel good’ blog which focuses on mental health and positivity. I’ve seen Ruth grow from the ground up and I have always been very inspired by how quickly her blog grew, and how easy she made it look! You can find all of the links to follow Ruth at the bottom of this post.

1. What was your story up until you started your blog? Why did you start? What drove you?

Back in March 2018, I was working in retail but I could feel my mental state getting worse. The conditions in retail are not the worst by any means, but they’re not the best, either. My heart wasn’t in it at all and I was really struggling. I would cry on my way to work and in the toilets during my break. Then, one night, I just broke down to my boyfriend. He suggested I leave my job and take some time to look after myself. So, that’s what I did. I was given anti-depressants from my doctor and started trying to figure out what the next move would be. 

The thing is, I’m not very good at doing nothing. My brain is a hectic place – full of thoughts, feelings and ideas. I decided I’d start a blog, mostly to talk openly about my mental health, but I’ve covered all sorts since!

2. How did it feel seeing your blog grow relatively quickly compared to others, was it stressful, fun, did you feel pressured?

It’s funny you ask this question because it’s something I’ve thought about a lot lately, having recently hit the one year mark. Most of the time, it just felt bizarre, but in the best way possible. I couldn’t believe people were so interested in what I had to say. I’m an introvert through and through, so I sometimes had no idea how to deal with the overwhelming support I received. Sure, it was stressful and I had to put a lot of hours in to get the results I did, but it’s fun at the same time. Although, I can’t deny I feel pressured, mostly because I don’t want to let anybody down!

3. Do you deal with hate, or criticism, a lot? How do you deal with anything like that?

I did near the beginning, but now it seems to go through phases. Things will be peaceful for a while and then there will be a few days when it just seems like everything I say or do is wrong! In fairness, I can be my own worst enemy at times as well. There are certain things I feel passionately about and I speak up about them. I’ll write and rewrite things, desperately trying to make them as inoffensive as possible. Despite my best efforts, I know it won’t go down well with everybody. It’s not that I do it to cause a fuss, but it simply wouldn’t sit right with me to say nothing at all.

I think I’ve just come to realise that you can’t please everybody. Well, that, and there are people on the internet who just want to cause drama. It’s not worth the time of day. When people are unnecessarily rude, I just block them and don’t invest my energy there.

4. Do you see yourself as a role model to younger people, or people who are creating a new blog?

In my eyes, no, but I’ve been told that others do (which is very sweet). 

5. What do you think makes a good role model?

To me, a good role model is someone who is honest, authentic and stands up for what they believe in. 

6. Who are your female heroes and why?

I have to mention my mum and my older sister here. They are the two women I’ve looked up to my whole life! My mum is just one of those people who is a joy to be around. As for my sister, she’s strong, independent and doesn’t take any nonsense from others. I love and admire them both, albeit for very different reasons.

To name a couple of others who readers might know: Michelle Obama and, lately, Jameela Jamil. I love their passion and tenacity.

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7. What are your opinions on the blogging community, what suggestions do you have for all of us to improve it, or strengthen it?

Overall, I love the blogging community! I think some bloggers just forget that there’s room for everyone. They want to get to the top at any costs, but I imagine they’ll be lonely when they get there. I’d much rather bring others up with me.

There’s a competitive side to blogging, in that not everyone will be chosen for opportunities, but I think supporting each other is a much better way to grow. The way I see it is if one wins, then we all win. To give an example, if a one bloggers get an amazing opportunity, it shows that those opportunities are there. Maybe some of us missed out this time, but there will be others. It shows a willingness from companies to work with bloggers. That should motivate us all! 

8. What qualities do you think you have which you are excited to share with younger generations and people who look up to you?

I love this question, but I had to think about it for a while before I came up with an answer! 

The first quality I’d pick is the fact I’m down-to-earth which, I would like to think, makes me approachable. I don’t think I’m anything I’m not. Sometimes, when new bloggers message me on Twitter, they’re shocked that I respond. It always makes me laugh. Why wouldn’t I? I mean, I have the time for anyone who wants a chat! I won’t lie, I’m not always comfortable with who I am, but I know the best way to attract the right people into your life is to be who you are. 

Other than that, my desire to make the world a little nicer is something I’m proud of. With so much bad stuff going on and us all having more access to it, I like that I try my best to lighten the burden.

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9. What is one piece of advice that you will always pass on?

“You can do anything, but not everything.” I put so much pressure on myself to not only do things, but do them well. Of course, there will be things I suck at – I’m human. I can’t be good at everything and neither can anyone else.

10. Name 3 things that you believe every woman should remember throughout their lives to enhance success and happiness.

1. Just because something has already been done, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it better. We all play the comparison game. We look at something and think “they’re doing an amazing job, I probably shouldn’t bother trying to compete.” But they’re doing it their way. You can still do it yours. It will be different and it may work just as well.

2. There’s always something to be thankful for. The days I feel most depressed are the ones when I don’t stop and think about all the good stuff. When you’re going through a really hard time, it can seem impossible to identify life’s little wonders. The past year has taught me that there is almost always one good thing in every day. You might just have to look a bit harder to see it.

3. You deserve to be happy. Sometimes, the thing standing in our way is ourselves. We get into this mindset of thinking we don’t deserve success and happiness so we talk ourselves out of all sorts. Or, we tell ourselves we’re not good enough. What we do won’t be good enough. We might fail miserably. I do this all the time. In actual fact, if you move out of your own way, you might surprise yourself. 

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