About Me


My name is Chaz, and I’m a 21 year old, overly excited, plant enthusiast from Hampshire in England.

My first blog, Unlunacy.com, was a mental health blog which I started in March 2018. Howerver, my life got a bit crazy nearer the end of 2018, and I lost touch with blogging. Therefore, I decided to close down Unlunacy to make a fresh start for myself in 2019.

I am putting a lot more work into Numinousa.

Throughout my life I have been diagnosed with several illnesses. I suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety and depression. I also am chronically ill with IBS and Fibromyalgia. I’m not going to focus on these things too much on Numinousa, however you may see me writing about them every so often.

My hobbies and interests include Floristry (which I have qualifications in) and plants. Along with arts and crafts of any kind, travelling, learning new skills, and video-games. My biggest passions are my friends, family and my pets; which I will talk about until someone tells me to shut up.

Numinousa is everything-related! I will mainly be focusing on my move to Canada in late 2019; however I will just write about whatever I feel like. I hope you find something to enjoy here, whether it’s about anything from pets, mental health, or how to clean your kitchen. If you’d like to get in touch, please do it through my Contact Page.