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5 Things I Accomplished In 2019.

I’ve been gone for 6 months, accidentally-on-purpose. It’s no big deal, we’ll just carry on like it never happened. Pretty much my motto for all of life. Enjoy reading my top 5 things I accomplished in 2019, or don’t, it’s up to you.  1. Moved out. In September of 2019, I moved out of my …

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10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Being grateful and appreciating the things I have in my life has been something that I have promised myself I would do more of in recent months. I feel as though, as a planet, we are never grateful of enough, and always too critical. To help me think about the things I’m grateful for, I …

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Get To Know Me!

I thought a good way to have my first post would be in question and answer form, as it’s simple, clean and the answers aren’t long and boring to read! I got these questions from this link. 1. Where did you grow up?I grew up on a little road called Periwinkle Road, in a town …

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